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SKIING TO hytta på bandet

The trip starts from the hotel steps at Turtagrø and goes in towards Skagadalen to Tinderklubbsshytta. With a low-avalanche risk it is possible to ski direct in Skagadalen on the eastside. Keep yourself high on the terrain.
Alternatively you can ski up the Westside of Skagadalen along the route up towards Dyrhaugsryggen to about 1400m. From here you can ski quite gently to Tinderklubbshytta.

From Tinderklubbhytta keep yourself on the eastside following the valley up towards Skagastølsbandet. It can be quite steep in some places here. Up here you will find Skagastølsbu (hytta på Bandet) that has a long history amongst Norwegian mountaineering circles. The hut is open and you are afforded with fine views over Midtmaradalen, and at the foot of Storen.



4 – 5 hours


884 – 1758 moh


The best map is Hurrungane 1:25000. The map is sold in the reception at Turtagrø.