Store ringstind

Probably Norway’s finest ski trip. From the start to the top and home again this is an unforgettable experience.

Usually we drive the first 3 km to the entrance of Ringsdalen (1000m), on the road on the way to Øvre Årdal. The trip into Ringsdalen is easy as it is mainly flat and you just follow the base of the valley up to where the ascent begins. You have amazing views here both to Store Ringstind and Midtre Ringstind. Bear in mind that if it is late in the season then you have to walk some of this first part as some of the snow will have melted. Keep to the left as you ski in the valley. You will eventually come to a steep part, before you come up onto a plateau (1550m) that leads onto Rings glacier.


Before you start your trip onto the glacier you will have to take the decision of whether or not you need to use the sufficient safety equipment. Keep to the left as you pass Midtre Ringstind as to avoid the largest cracks in the glacier. Continue on the glacier and follow it up to the top. About 100 meters from the top take your skis off and continue the last part by foot until you reach your destination. The views once you reach the top speak for themselves. You also have the fantastic skiing to look forward to on the way home. Return as usual on the same route that you came up on. An alternative route on your return is to take a direct line down the glacier in towards Ringsdalen.



7 – 10 TIMER T/R


884- 2124 MOH


Beste kart er Hurrungane 1:25000. Dette kan kjøpes i resepsjonen på Turtagr