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Fuglesteg is an old mountain farm situated high up on the side of the valley over the village of Fortun. The farm from 1650 was first home to 1 family and then later to 2 families for 300 years. In 1946 one of the sites were abandoned and then in 1968 the other. Luster Turlag has now retored Fuglesteg and it is now a unmanned turist cabin.

From Fortun
The car park is on the first bend of the road up to Turtagrø just as you leave Fortun and start the ascend. Follow the signs and the red T´s. It is quite a steep clim so remember to bring something to drink. The views and lanscapes are incredible.

From Berdalen
Follow the road from Turtagrø towards Årdal and and towards Berdalen. You can park the car on the long left hand bend at the top were the view opens up to the fjord. From here follow the path on the right side of the river and down towards the forrest. There are signs marked for Fuglesteg.

Fakta om turen:


From Fortun 1 – 1,5  hours up
Fra Berdalen til Fuglesteg: 2,5 – 3 hours down


From Fortun: 60 – 630 masl
from Berdalen: 1240 – 630 masl


The best map is Hurrungane 1:25000. The map is for sale in the reception at Turtagrø.