The trip starts by Storfonni at Sognefjellet (1430m). Here you can experience snow of 10-12 meters depth. This is trip that keeps snow for the longest period through the summer. It’s not unusual that you can go skiing on this trip up to Mid Summers Day. From the road you ski in towards the direction of the dam to the west end of Prestesteinsvannet. Go over the dam. From here take a south-east direction towards the glacier which has some small cracks in it. You have to take this danger into account and tackle it in a responsible and independent way. Keep a south-easterly direction on the glacier (towards the left). There comes eventually a marked ridge (1680-1900m). Pass the Ridge. Go into the bottom of the valley and take the direction towards south west. Follow then the summer route that goes from Skogadalsbøen to the top.




4 – 6 hours


1300 – 2068 masl  


The best map is Hurrungane 1:25000. The map is sold in the reception at Turtagrø.