-Skiing –


One can see the route all the way to the top from the steps at Turtagrø. Normally there is no avalanche danger in May and July, so the steep hang about 1 km from the hotel is usually safe to ski on without danger. Earlier in the season however this part of the route hold a substantial avalanche risk. Follow the ridge further on, preferably along the more gentler parts, to the top. It is impossible to get lost on Dyrhaugsryggen just as long as you keep on the ascending terrain. You can then follow the ridge to the top on Nordlige Dyrhaugstind (2050m). Many choose to call this part the top and enjoy he finest view in all of Hurrungane.

From Nordlige the ridge becomes very narrow. If you feel willing, have a head for heights and the weather permits, then you can continue up to the top point just a stones throw along the ridge. Bear in mind that you should have with you all the necessary safety equipment for continuing along this ridge, such as crampons, ice-axe and rope.



4 – 5 hours


884 – 2147 masl


The best map is Hurrungane 1:25000. The map is for sale in the reception at Turtagrø.