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In the 1870-80’s Ole Berge was a farmer and reindeer hunter on Turtagrø. He and his wife Anna also became known for giving the travellers who went over Sogn meals and a place to stay at the farm.

William C Slingsby’s climbing of Store “Big” Skagastølstind in 1876 created an increased interest in the Hurrungs as a climbing area. Englishmen and pioneers in Nordic mountain sports sought the area, and overnighted at the farm.

About Turtagrø Hotel

Turtagrø Mountain Library

The library on Turtagrø was opened the summer of 2000. The library hosted a variety of books on mountains, mountain sports, mountain living and philosophy which were donated to the hotel, in addition to a collection of other books and magazines. The collection was unfortunately lost during a fire in 2001.

About Turtagrø Hotel

Art and photography

Turtagrø hotel has a unique collection of Art by the internationally renound painter Marianne Heske.  Four of her large video-paintings from her series Mountain of the Mind deck the walls in the hotels lounge and restaurant.

The hotel also possesses works of Art by amongst others the artist Knut Romohr, and a large collection of photographs from the climbing community dating from the end of the 19th century/beginning of the 20th century.

About Turtagrø Hotel

Hulen - Turtagrø´s cinema

We have our own cinema room know as Hulen (The Hole) which has a big screen, fully equiped sound system and room for up to 50 people. We show films here once a week. Keep updated with our website for more information. Everyone is welcome. We can also arrange private showings for groups. Please get in touch is could be something for you.

About Turtagrø Hotel

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